N&C capital's precise investment with exclusive perspective gathers capital strength

Jul 3, 2020

Founded in 2017, N&C capital is an investment capital focusing on financial technology. In order to promote the development of the industry and explore more unicorns in the digital economy era, N&C capital has continuously expanded new areas of investment. At present, the investment fields of N&C capital include digital finance, Internet, cloud storage, 5G, blockchain, games, self-media, live broadcast and many other new industries. With professional investment and research ability, N&C capital has continuously invested accurately and has successfully invested in many enterprises.
When it comes to BG (Bitgalaxy Global) Exchange, N&C capital is different in strength!
In 2018, as an important institution related to the stability of cryptocurrency market and the safety of users' assets, exchanges stand out in the blockchain industrial structure after one year of vigorous development. N&C capital took the lead in taking digital assets and derivatives trading as the strategic investment direction, and chose BG Exchange as the first step to develop blockchain field after many investigations and evaluations.
As a new star in the industry, BG Exchange has achieved the growth of millions of users in a short time by virtue of its top safety and risk control technology, excellent product experience and rich market operation experience in the industry. Hence, BG Exchange broke through many new exchanges and became a dark horse in the industry.
That's exactly what N&C capital values! N&C capital is optimistic about the future potential of BG exchange, and decisively chooses BG exchange as the first step of blockchain field.

After investing in BG, N&C capital achieved a return on investment as high as 830% in just 6 months. Later, N&C capital followed the industry trend and invested in many sections of BG Ecology.
After winning the first bid in the blockchain industry, N&C capital continued to explore new investment opportunities in the blockchain industry. In 2019, the hybrid chain GMPC entered the vision of N&C capital. With the development of blockchain and industry, the problem that the value can't circulate among the bottom layer public chains has seriously affected the development of blockchain application.
GMPC effectively solves the problems of value and data islands in the current blockchain, and builds a real blockchain network ecology. With advanced judgment, N&C capital decisively chose to invest in GMPC, which can really solve the problems. Then, GMPC's market performance really made N&C capital win again.
N&C capital has a unique investment vision for emerging industries, and has frequently made efforts in the fields of Internet, cloud storage, 5G, etc. In the whole investment circle, the successful investment experience of many star projects in many fields has made N&C capital proud for a long time!
There is a famous saying in the investment world, that is, prospects, there is nothing but prospects. Many accurate investments have proved the excellent judgment of N&C capital on the prospects of emerging industries. N&C capital believes that it is the most important thing for new industries to enable the landing of businesses. Only commercialization can really help the whole industry develop at a high speed.
N&C capital will continue to rely on its own advantages to develop in the industry, further strengthen its investment and research capabilities, enhance its value discovery capabilities, continue to explore the blockchain ecology, keep up with the trends of Internet 5G, cloud storage and artificial intelligence, and make contributions for the continuous enable of the industry!
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