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Iran sanctions trial judge slams 'foreign conspiracy theory'

Dec 16, 2017

Judge belittles Turkey official's claims Turkish cleric living in Pennsylvania is behind banker's trial in Iran economic sanctions conspiracy

Tax bill boosts oil, gas drilling _ and renewable energy

Dec 15, 2017

A tax bill moving forward in Congress would boost traditional forms of energy such as oil and gas while also supporting renewable energy such as wind and solar power

Poor Venezuelans launch local currency amid cash crunch

Dec 15, 2017

Residents of one neighborhood in cash-strapped Venezuela say they've found a solution to a lack of paper money by creating a quasi-currency called the panal

Commuters lose transit, parking, biking benefits in tax bill

Dec 15, 2017

Count commuters among the losers in the Republican tax bill that the House and Senate are expected to vote on next week

Report: Rich will get still richer unless policies change

Dec 15, 2017

World Inequality report says rich bound to get still richer with widening disparities in global incomes, wealth unless policies change

Tech companies lead US stocks higher as tax plan advances

Dec 15, 2017

Wall Street capped the week with broad gains, propelling the major stock indexes to a new set of milestones Friday

A health setback for Hunter Harrison punishes CSX stock

Dec 15, 2017

Shares of CSX are tumbling after CEO Hunter Harrison takes a medical leave

Markets Right Now: Stock indexes gain as tax plan advances

Dec 15, 2017

Stocks are closing higher on Wall Street as Congressional Republicans put the final touches on a tax overhaul plan.

Zimbabwe ruling party seals Mugabe's fall from grace

Dec 15, 2017

Zimbabwe ruling party seals Mugabe's fall from grace, positions new leader for election

The Latest: Line in San Francisco to view mayor's casket

Dec 15, 2017

People were waiting in a line half a block long outside San Francisco City Hall to view the closed casket of the late Mayor Ed Lee

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