Pookie Wit Tha Uzi Releases new Single, Calls Out Imitators of his Brand

Charlotte, NC – March 18, 2019 – The unconscious rap artist, Pookie Wit Tha Uzi, announced the release of his new single, “Abra Ca Dabra,” and he’s also taking exception to Lil Uzi Vert and A Boogie wit da Hoodie ripping off his name and brand.

“Lil Uzi Vert can’t say he the real Uzi or original because I have music and fans outdating him or A Boogie wit da Hoodie’s appearance on the rap scene,” said Pookie Wit Tha Uzi. “They need to know who made ‘Uzi’ and ‘Wit Tha’ hot.”

A Boogie Wit Tha Hoodie and Lil Uzi Vert have tried to capitalize on the ‘Uzi’ and ‘Wit Tha’ phrase made famous by Pookie Wit Tha Uzi. Once a Christian rapper, he’s most well-known for his work in rap and hip hop that he said some refer to as trap.

When Pookie Wit Tha Uzi hired Matt Swag Martin to do a dance video for his song, Martin chose to hire a dancer that bears a striking resemblance to Lil Uzi Vert and incorporated Pookie Wit Tha Uzi’s Blood Walk moves. The video went viral with 1.1k views on YouTube, 14k on Instagram, and 60.5k on Pookie Wit Tha Uzi’s Facebook page.

Available on Apple Music and Google Play, “Abra Ca Dabra” quickly garnered 40,000 views, is estimated to reach 100,000 within the next seven days, and already has numerous shares. He got the nickname Pookie as a child and took Pookie Wit Tha Uzi as a professional name while attending the University of North Carolina in Charlotte.

He got a big Uzi tatted on his stomach in 2005 in the same place as the Thug Life tattoo by his idol, Tupac. A former member of the Bloods by the age of 19, the unconscious rap artist is a Nine Trey Gangster, also known as TreyWay. He made front page news and did prison time after being caught with a half an ounce of crack, weed and a sawed-off shotgun.

“I got out and met Dboy who’s on post release from federal prison for the RICO Law in 2011,” said Pookie Wit Tha Uzi. “Dboy said homies should do conscious rap and I said I was better with unconscious rap.” He dropped numerous mixtapes then stopped in 2010. The artist got saved and became a Christian rapper from 2012-2016 with an album, a hand full of singles and mixtapes.

The artist posted a freestyle on Instagram and Facebook to “Twerk” by the City Girls featuring Cardi B. Music producer, Kevin Erondu, a.k.a. K.E., who produced the hit song “Magic,” immediately contacted him. “K.E. sent the beat and I freestyled the hook,” said Pookie Wit Tha Uzi. “I bought the beat and album cover that day. Recorded the next and the rest is invalid.”

With the release of “Abra Ca Dabra,” Pookie Wit Tha Uzi is putting everyone on notice that he’s as popular as ever and he won’t tolerate anyone stepping on his toes. There’s only one Pookie Wit Tha Uzi and all others are simply pale imitations of the original.


Media Contact: 

Pookie Wit Tha Uzi

Email: ptriple0k@yahoo.com

Website: https://uzifrfr.com


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