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Reports: UK preparing to increase 'Brexit bill' offer

Nov 21, 2017

Britain is planning to offer more money to settle its bill with the European Union in a bid to unblock stalled Brexit negotiations _ but only if the EU agrees to start discussing a future free-trade deal.

EU leaders warn broadening of Brexit talks could be in doubt

Nov 17, 2017

European Union leaders warned Britain Friday that it must do much more to convince them that Brexit talks should be broadened to cover future relations and trade from next month onward

UK lawmakers battle over Brexit amid customs chaos warning

Nov 14, 2017

A fragile government, a legislative minefield and a jittery economy are turning up the tension as Britain tries to turn its vote to leave the European Union into a reality

US makes final finding on Canadian softwood imports

Nov 2, 2017

The U.S. Department of Commerce has issued its final determination on the softwood lumber duties Canadian producers will pay

US allies air concerns about Trump's 'Buy American' order

Oct 18, 2017

Hong Kong and Taiwan joined many U.S. allies including Israel at the World Trade Organization to express concern over a Trump administration order that seeks to maximize use of American-made goods, products and materials in government procurement.

Talk of 'no deal' Brexit rises as divorce negotiations stall

Oct 18, 2017

As Brexit negotiations between Britain and the European Union stutter and stall, one nagging question looms larger and larger: What if there is no deal?

Estonian ex-PM steps down as Parliament deputy after scandal

Oct 13, 2017

A former Estonia prime minister has said he will step down as deputy speaker of the Baltic country's parliament after a scandal involving sexual harassment incidents by members of an Estonian trade delegation during a visit to Malaysia last month

As Brexit looms, UK exports to EU getting more important

Oct 10, 2017

The European Union's importance to British firms appears to be getting relatively more important, official figures showed Tuesday, a development that may focus minds of those currently negotiating the country's exit from the bloc.

The Latest: UK leader hails 'new dynamic' in Brexit talks

Oct 9, 2017

British Prime Minister Theresa May says there is a positive "new dynamic" in Brexit talks with the European Union

Leaving EU with no trade deal will hit UK industries hard

Oct 1, 2017

A new study shows that leaving the European Union without a trade deal would hurt Britain more than the EU amid renewed suggestions the U.K. should walk away from Brexit talks because of the inflexibility of the bloc's negotiators

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