International Trade

Canada launches trade complaint against US over duties

Jan 11, 2018

Canada is challenging U.S. trade practices with an international complaint over Washington's use of punitive duties

Britain presses Germany for Brexit financial services deal

Jan 10, 2018

Britain's Brexit minister and treasury chief say there's no sense in Germany setting up "unnecessary barriers" to trade in goods and services after Britain leaves the European Union

Former WTO chief, UN envoy Peter Sutherland dies at 71

Jan 8, 2018

Irish businessman and diplomat Peter Sutherland, who was the first director-general of the World Trade Organization and held top posts in the European Union and the United Nations, has died

Norway suspends arms, ammo exports to UAE amid war in Yemen

Jan 3, 2018

Norway suspends exports of munitions, arms to United Arab Emirates amid concerns over worsening Yemen crisis

Dutch Cabinet wants no referendum on law to end referendums

Dec 20, 2017

The Dutch government wants to scrap a law that allows non-binding advisory referendums _ without giving voters a say on the decision

UK government starts thrashing out post-Brexit vision

Dec 18, 2017

British Prime Minister Theresa May is meeting with her senior ministers to begin thrashing out Britain's plans for a trade deal with the European Union after Brexit

Brexit secretary says a no-deal Brexit now less likely

Dec 10, 2017

The man in charge of Britain's departure from the European Union says the chances the country will leave the 28-nation bloc with no trade deal "dropped dramatically" after the two sides reached a preliminary agreement on divorce terms last week

EU tells UK: No trade talks without progress on Irish border

Dec 1, 2017

EU tells UK: No trade talks without progress on Irish border

Irish heap pressure on Britain on post-Brexit border

Nov 26, 2017

Ireland's European Commissioner is advising British Prime Minister Theresa May to substantially alter Brexit plans to move stalled talks forward

World Trade Organization sets up panel on Qatar-UAE crisis

Nov 22, 2017

World Trade Organization sets up panel to decide on Qatar's complaint against UAE measures

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